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Houston Tamil Studies Chair – HTSC     


1) What is the amount needed to start the Chair for Tamil Studies in University of Houston (UH)?

Answer : Two million US dollars / 15Crore Indian rupees.

2) We just raised/donated funds for Harvard Tamil Chair, why are we trying to  establish a chair in UH?

Answer : USA is a large country. UH chair is in TEXAS and SW USA. Houston Tamil Studies Chair(HTSC) will cater to students & Americans in this region.

3) What will be the difference between the Chair in Harvard and the Chair in UH?

Answer : HTSC will also focus on Culture, Economic Eminence of Tamils other than language and research on Sangam literature.

4) We were able to raise a net of $50K to $60K in Houston for the Harvard Chair. Can we raise $3 $2 Millions for the UH Chair?

Answer: Yes. We need team work.

5) What happens to the Chair if we fall short of the target amount of $2 Millions?

Answer : We would have a lecturer instead of tenured professor.

6) What happens to the funds that have been raised if the Chair in UH is not established?

Answer : University of Houston approved Houston Tamil Studies Chair. Gift agreement was signed on October 1, 2019. Please see photos elsewhere in the website.

7) Fund raising for Harvard Chair was impacted due to some negative publicity. How prepared is the UH Chair committee BOARD to face those kinds of negative publicity?

Answer : Yes. We need to prepare for similar possibilities.

8) What is the experience of HTSC board in non-profit activities in USA?

Answer : HTSC has leadership with 51 years of non-profit activities experience in USA. Sam Kannappan and his leadership.

9)  What kind of leadership available in India?

Answer : HTSC has following advisors in India:

Dr V G Santhosam VGP Group

Mr. G Balachandran IAS

Mr. Rama Suganthan

Mr. Abirami Ramanathan

10) How do I communicate with HTSC?

Answer : Email :

Phone : +1 (908) 516-3069 USA / +91 – 98411 – 52211(What’s app)

Web site :

Facebook :

11) What is the timeframe for raising the 2 million:

Answer : One million by 2021 and the second million by 2026.

12) Can the pledge be paid in instalments:

Answer : Yes. 1/3 in 2019, 1/3 in 2020, and 1/3 by 2021 August.

13) What are the suggested donation levels?

Answer : Any amount is welcome, but $1,000/- and above will be recognized in the Electronic Donor Wall LINK to the Electronic Donor wall.

14) What is the total raised so far?

Answer : The Link above shows the funds raised. This LINK will be continuously updated as new pledges are received. As of Oct 25, 2019 he total is near $400K, towards the one million to be raised by 2021.

15) Donor recognition in University of Houston?

Answer : Donor names will also be recognized on wall plaques in a building at University of Houston, based on guidelines to be developed as to the donation levels that will be recognized subject to wall space.

16) Is my donation tax deductible?

Answer : Yes, in USA.  Houston Tamil Studies Chair (HTSC) is a US 501 (c) (3) entity. HTSC is the only entity (other than University of Houston) authorized to receive funds.

17) How do I pledge?

Answer : We request you to email pledges $1,000/- and above to be recognized in the Electronic Donor Wall, Tupil Narasiman (VP Finance, HTSCBoard, who will respond to facilitate your pledge.

18) How to donate online?

Answer : You may also donate online any amount. More details,

  1. Zelle payment(Using mobile/email) –
  2. Paypal –
  3. Check Payable to
                   HTSC or Houston Tamil Studies Chair Inc.
    Mailing Address : Houston Tamil Studies Chair Inc
    11415, Sagemorgan Dr, Houston, TX 77089
  4. Facebook:
  5. Gofundme    :

19) Can the Company where I work MATCH my donation?

Answer : Yes. Many Companies generously match their employee’s donations to non
profit causes. Please help us explore this possibility.

20) Can my Tamil Sangam (Tamil Cultural Association) help?

Answer : Help of USA regional Tamil Sangams will be invaluable to HTSC in our effort to reach out to every Tamil family, appealing for help for this noble cause. Please reach any one of the National Outreach team for more details :