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அகர முதல எழுத்தெல்லாம் ஆதி
பகவன் முதற்றே உலகு.

Houston Tamil Studies Chair

The earliest elder is the oldest of the time. Today, their origins remain unchanged, and in many countries it is recognized as the official language of the country spreading its own crops and spreading around the world. Diaspora Tamils ​​migrated to different parts of the country in the past two to three heads and settled in their respective countries with permanent residence. Generally the United States, Canada and the East is spreading in different countries in different countries, but their immigrants are a nation of foreign origin, and it is essential to get our mother tongue education there. But schooling is started by Diaspora Tamils ​​and has been successful in many places. But there is no facility to study higher education courses for university research.

There are no two hundred and half lakh Tamils ​​studying in the university in the United States. This year, with the help of the help of the Tamils ​​in the Harvard University, the Tamil seat was established. Its continuity is now progressing to set up Tamil Nadu at Houston University in Texas.

எட்டுத்திக்கும் ஒலிக்கட்டும் தமிழ்

One of the premier and oldest languages ​​of the Tamil Dravidian language family. This language, more than 2,000 years old, is one of the few Sanskrit texts in the present case. Tamil has a special privilege than other rituals. The oldest literary style and structure is no longer present in any other language but in Tamil only 2000 thousand years old Thirukkural and festivals are the foundation of Tamil society today.

The Tamil culture is a continuation of Tamil literature, which is the continuation of Tamil literature. Tamil culture has spread to Tamils ​​in the world. Tamil culture is a language, literature, music, dance, folk art, martial arts, painting, sculpture, architecture, Media, Vol etc.


Dr Isaikavi Ramanan Speech about Houston Tamil Studies Chair

Dr Isaikavi Ramanan Speech about Houston Tamil Studies Chair

Tamil Arts

Tamil is the name of the Tamil language. Tamil is written and spoken. The music is polyphonic Tamil. Koothu is the Tamils ​​who are known for their dance forms. There are huge temples, dams and fortresses in Tamil Nadu as a testimony to Tamil architecture and architecture. Many of these have been recognized as the world heritage sites in the UNESCO establishment.

Tamil Food

மருந்தென வேண்டாவாம் யாக்கைக்கு அருந்தியது
அற்றது போற்றி உணின்.

Banana leaf, hospitality, and the ingredients of nature are essential in Tamil food. Thirumoolar, a food diet, will have a taste and health in Tamil food. Our traditional rice varieties, the fruits and food processes, restore the adaptation of this modern era is the need of time.

Tamil Literature

Tamil literature has a very long history. Many books are still present in our curriculum in life and in Tamil for the Tamil community and for the sake of the Tamil people, to create aesthetics, to create aesthetics, to create aesthetics and to create aesthetics.

Houston Tamil Studies Chair

Universities have separate departments for a particular department or language. The chair is different. Even if it is linked to a field, it will have a unique identity and respect. The seat for a language is to appoint a professor exclusively for that language. He will be led by Amruthaal studies. Organize seminars to teach the language and organize annually. The University has the highest respectability for a particular field of knowledge. This seat will remain in the university.

We are pleased to announce that the well-known Houston University of America has set a unique seat to study Tamil language.

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